You want to get rid of your car?

Our agents are properly trained and are given very precise guidelines. Here's the formula.

Weight of the car
Metal Price

The metal price per kg fluctuates every day. Our price is based off the market price and we always pay the maximum.

To give you an idea, 1 kg = $90-$120.

The weight of your car is likely to be written on your car papers

Here are some examples to give you an idea :

Small vehicle : 1.2kg

Medium vehicle : 1.4kg

Compact SUV : 1.5kg

Medium SUV : 1.9kg

Large SUV : 2kg+


Please note that the final price will be adjusted depending on :

The demand for the car

Missing parts (battery, tires, etc.)

Towing distance, if applicable



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How do we calculate your price?

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What customers are saying about us

" Got rid of my car quick and easy. The service was great and the tow truck driver came on time. A+ "

- Keith White

" These guys are honest and will fight to get your car. Negociated for a little more, and got it. Quite happy about my ol' pile of rust! "

- Keven Sharpen

" They have tow truck drivers that will go further to get the cars. I had hard time to find someone to come pick my old chevy up, but Kenny did it without hesitation. "

- Steven Thomson

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A fairly calculated price 

Examples as reference

2002 Honda Civic  : 1.245kg = $110-$150

2002 Mazda Tribute : 1.493kg = $130$-$170

1999 Toyota Sienna : 1.802kg = $160-$210

Our formula is explained below

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